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About Us

This website is about the amazing collection of Urdu Shayari, Hindi Shayari, Urdu quotes etc. You can find all the beautiful Shayari and images related to different feelings as you wish.

About the author

SEO Executive-Mohd Bilal

I’m Mohd Bilal a leading niche marketer of my country, I serve for this website for a year. And, they have a good working environment. 

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Hey do you want to know about me. Don’t worry i will tell you my whole story.

My name is shahzil malik ! And people also call me ‘ shahzil ‘. I'm a student of Science (PCM)

I am a part time blogger since 2017. I have intermediate experience of blogging. And beigner in writing.

So what ever i wrote these all are my own words. Which comes from my heart For you. 

If you like my work than support me. 

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