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How to earn money from trading in 2 days?

 Hello friends many people like this. That the way to become rich goes through the stock market. And this is also true. In the stock market,...

 Hello friends many people like this. That the way to become rich goes through the stock market. And this is also true. In the stock market, people all over the world have become richer than they expected. In today's online word it has become very easy to start training in share market. Demand account gets opened in 10 minutes even for some normal or free. But it is as easy as coming to this market. Equally difficult is the work. Earning profit.

In the stock market, every person has been troubled in two words. Between whom the mind of the people keeps rotating. That is training or investing

(1) Training and Investing

(1) Training

We understand long in simple language in training and investing. If you sell keeping in mind the time limit then this training is not investing.

(2) Investment

Like you take your plot without selling it. This is an investment if you buy just because you float. Because if you get the prize, then sell it when you grow up, it will be called a training.

Every year millions of people get rich quickly in the stock market. And to fulfill your dreams, now when mobile and internet is big. Since then the attraction has increased even more. But the truth is that less than 1% of the active trades earn profit.

Most of the people lose all the money in less time. Its example will be found from around you. If you should do long term investing in the stock market. But still there are many such people. Want to be a good trailer.

So in today's article we will talk about how you can earn profit.

(2) stay with the trade

You must have heard again and again about the rupee and thum of the stock market. Should buy a lion of good company. Jinky price is mortgaged.

When the price increases, then you should buy. But when you are doing it for showtime.. then you status ji reduces your chances. That is, the price is in the intrate. That is, it moves in one direction for the long term.

Going against the train, buying a falling lion and growing up. Selling that is a bad training state application.

(3) Put stop loss and target price on hi trade

D. Hite has said that there are two basic rules of training.

(1) You can't win if you don't bet.

(2) If you lose all your money you cannot bet.

Stop loss is used so that you can avoid losses in times of ups and downs in the stock market.

The stock market is run by every feeling. There is profit in the investment of the stock market. And there can be loss too. Stop loss is the way to reduce any loss. There is also an advantage of putting a stop loss. If you do not do regular training and cannot monitor your investments regularly, then this can prove beneficial for you.

(3) Star Plus can save you from having all your money

When one understands what is the target price, suppose you want to buy shares of a company. Now you think its price is Rs 100. His price should be Rs 120, that is, the share at the price of Rs 100 is available at Rs 120.

You can make profit by selling in the city on reaching the price of Rs.120.

Suppose you have put a stop loss of Rs 90 in the case of this stock. This means that if there is weakness in the city due to this weight, the price will come to Rs 90, then this city will automatically be sold. You should make sure not to lose more than 1% of your trade capital on any trade.

(4) Avoid Average in Dance

Yes, in the lion of this bank, many people have to suffer more. Because from Rs 350 it started to fall below the sher J. People started buying without thinking anything.

When you are about to stop. And when the price falls, buy more. This expected sale will again reach its upcoming price. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . But the training is not statery in real life. The cost of stops stays in the train. And buying ahead to average can work a couple of times. But in general, you are trying to correct a tranding mistake by buying more stops by falling down the status of opening money on long time. Which protects the stock from loss. It's too bad.

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