killer attitude shayari in english

 killer attitude shayari in english

 Have more✌️ than you show
Speak less than you know.🖕

 You secretly don’t like me,🖕🖕
And I openly don’t give a fuck.

 Don’t❌ be a slave😞 in heaven.
Be a king👑 of hell.😈

 Your Attitude 😎 Can Hurt 👈🏻 Me
But Mine 💪🏻 Can Kill You.😈💯

 The only thing that👌
Can stop🖕 me is me.
 If you want to be strong🖕
Learn✌️ how to fight alone.

Distance is my new response,🖕✌️
I don’t argue I just remove myself.

I am not heartless. I just learned
how to use my heart less.🖕🖕

Trust in me dies,🖕
When someone lies.

I don’t have time for temporary
🖕🖕 people in my life.

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